The Survival Guide for Choosing Long Term Care eBook

Description. For courses in long-term care nurse assisting. Designed to inspire confidence and promote career success, this brief reference guide provides quick and clear guidance for nursing assistants working in long-term care—with a focus on respiratory and circulatory problems, stroke, and diabetes.

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Lisa A Knipple
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30 Aug 2007

The Survival Guide for Choosing Long Term Care is a great book. This book is written by author Lisa A Knipple. You can read the The Survival Guide for Choosing Long Term Care book on our website in any convenient format!

The healthcare industry and retirement communities are now big business and the facilities are about generating revenue. The average person does not have the knowledge or information to make informed choices. This book is written in easy language that will prepare someone before he meets with the marketer or signs a lease. I have worked in various aspects in this field and provide you with the information the facilities wonat and donat want you to have. This book comes from 20+ years of experience working for some of the largest companies offering long term care and retirement communities and can provide you the knowledge base to ensure the services you want and pay for will be provided.

This is a list of the Medicare and Medicaid nursing homes located in the specific state or city according to the Compare Nursing Homes database from CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) at Use this list only for basic information about nursing homes in your locale.